Cat Chase Dog

Allow me to introduce you to... 

The Chasers...                                                                                                                             and the Dog!

Callie is the little princess of our house. She made herself a part of our family while my husband and I were dating during college. It was a cold day in March. She showed up at his house as a stray. We had no luck finding her owners and the shelter I volunteered at was full. After a lot of orchestrating, she stayed with my parents a few states away until we moved into a cat friendly house. She's been with us ever since. Her favorite toy is a sock and she loves to sneak onto your lap without being noticed.

We adopted Rocky from One of a Kind Pets as a kitten. He's the wild man and big baby of the family. He keeps us all on our toes, especially Jack. When he's not snuggled up with me, he's running around the house. Jack considers him a road block, avoiding the foot of our bed and stairs when Rocky is near by.

Jack was adopted from Save Ohio Strays. He was listed as a Border Collie Labrador mix. The bigger he got, the bigger his chest got and we suspected maybe he was a Boxer Lab mix instead. I let my curiosity get the best of me and we did a doggie DNA test a few years back. Come to find out, he's actually Border Collie and Boxer, but not lab at all. He's also part Lhasa Apso (can't tell by looking at him!). The last 25% wasn't clear but the list of possibilities included Basset Hound, Welsh Springer Spaniel and Chinook. No matter what breeds he is, he's my doggie best friend. When Jack is not napping in his chair, he enjoys playing ball, swimming (after a ball), and going for a walk or hike. He considers all those activities practice for evading Rocky chasing him around the house.

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