About the Studio

Creating has always been a passion of mine. Growing up I was always drawing, coloring, or making some sort of craft with my mom. I spent a few summers at an arts camp perfecting my drawing and learning all about ceramics. High school brought more opportunities to do what I love. All this passion led me to pursue a degree in art education, which opened me up to a medium that I never knew I would love so much. Initially I was actually avoiding signing up for painting. Oil paint? That sounds super difficult and scary. Then I got my hands dirty (literally and figuratively), and it was love at first brush stroke. Well, sort of. The first assignment we had was a challenge. It was a black and white still life of what can be best described as sheets stuffed and wrapped around sticks. Think witches brooms made with sticks and pillows. Not my finest work. But it was a learning experience that helped me figure out how to manipulate oil paint and turn it into something wonderful.

I enjoy painting and use oil as well as acrylic. I also like drawing the occasional cartoon, taking photos, and playing around with graphic design. You can find a few of my designs on Dog Tag Art. The results of my creative juices, my thoughts on creating and maintaining my own studio in my home, and some musings and tidbits about living with pets are what this blog is all about.

In addition to art, I am head over heels for my pets. They are the friends behind my studio name. You can check out their stories over here. I'm lucky to be able to have them by my side as I work. Though sometimes that means paint covered kitty toes and being interrupted for potty breaks!

Jack, Callie & Rocky